Take That First Step

Vote Dean Hopkins for Calgary Mayor. He is a Totally Different Style of Leadership.

2021 04 27

Take That First Step

With Dean Hopkins. For Calgary Mayor.


Dean Hopkins

Dean Hopkins is running to be your next Mayor of Calgary. Dean is a distinguished veteran who knows the value of hard work. He is the founder of ” One Direction Calgary ” a non-profit charitable organization. Dean also knows the benefits of public outreach and networking as that is what Dean does every single day volunteerism and charitable work is his passion, not his day job. Now he’s reaching out to all of the citizens in this fine City, to vote for Dean Hopkins on 18th October 2021.

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Live speech from Saturday Sept. 24 2021

Calgary's Future Mayor - Ward 3

Calagry's Future in safe Hands

dean hopkins blog Politician Profile Calgary Mayor

Politician Profile Calgary Mayor

Standing up for Calgarians. A working-class man, a veteran, a man with a vision.”

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Meet the mayoral candidate: Dean Hopkins

Growing up as the son of a coal miner in the United Kingdom, Dean Hopkins knew he was destined to …

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