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Thank you for your interest in volunteering, your help will make a difference! 

Please read the Volunteer Code of Conduct before applying to Volunteer.

Volunteering Code of Conduct

Thank you for your application to volunteer, your help will make a difference! The Code of Conduct (the Code) applies to all those committed to volunteering and sets out guidelines to follow for those sharing their expertise and contributing to making change by helping Dean during his election campaign trail. Volunteer contributions are based on the values of partnership, solidarity, collaboration, and respect for one another. We want to ensure that all volunteer experiences are enjoyable and fulfilling.

Roles and Responsibilities

The senior campaign volunteer coordinator will be the main point of contact for all volunteers. Once you have registered you will be contacted by a volunteer coordinator when volunteer opportunities are available during Dean’s election campaign. The safety of volunteers is important to Dean and we are confident that you will exercise good judgment in your daily activities and will seek additional information or assistance from your volunteer supervisor as needed. All volunteers play a very important role in helping to ensure that the principles of the Code of Conduct are adhered to. Our campaign volunteer coordinator and her supervisory staff serve as role models for volunteers by adhering to acceptable behavioral standards.

Professional Conduct

Volunteers are a reflection of our candidate Dean Hopkins and are required to act in a professional and ethical manner when completing their tasks. Volunteers must be honest and truthful in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.

Whistleblowing Policy

Volunteers are to report any concerns immediately via the emergency contact hotline to our senior volunteer coordinator regarding unusual interactions with the general public, negative behavior by volunteers, or any situation that could jeopardize the credibility of our candidate’s election campaign.

Drug & Alcohol-Free Workplace

The use of any recreational or illegal drugs, controlled substances, or the consumption of alcohol when volunteering is strictly forbidden. Anyone in violation of this rule will no longer be invited to partake in any campaign volunteer opportunities.

By submitting your volunteer application for Deans Hopkins’ Mayoral Campaign you agree to:

•Respect citizen’s fundamental human rights without any discrimination based on social status, race, ethnicity, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, origin, political affiliation, or disability.

• Behave in a non-threatening manner and report incidents and threats of physical or psychological violence that may have affected your volunteer experience.

• Comply with the highest standards of accountability, efficiency, expertise, integrity, and transparency in the provision of your volunteer tasks.

Protection of Property

Volunteers are responsible for the protection, control, and appropriate use of the property entrusted to them banners, posters, etc. At any time during or after your assignment, we may require that you return surplus campaign promotional items in your possession or control for redistribution. All volunteers must exercise strict control over information, if you are approached while volunteering by individuals with questions or media groups enquiring about campaign content please respond with… “I’m sorry but I am unable to answer that question however if you send an email to this address our press office will happily answer any of your questions”. Present them with a complimentary volunteer card and wish them a good day.

Safety and Security

Dean is always concerned with the health and safety of volunteers, there is the expectation that volunteers will use sound judgment and safe practices for themselves, other volunteers and colleagues, and to familiarize themselves with the Volunteer Guidelines for Safety and Security.

Conflict of Interest

Throughout an assignment, volunteers are required to disclose any potential or actual conflict of interest (e.g. campaigning for other Mayoral candidates, councilors, being a member of a board of another campaign organization.) Our senior volunteer coordinator will decide on the procedure to be followed to protect all parties in the event of a conflict or perceived potential conflict of interest.

Political Activities

Volunteers and any accompanying dependents agree to abstain from participating in any political protests, rallies, or subversive activities whilst being a registered volunteer during our candidates’ campaign period. Protocol Regarding Social Media All volunteers are encouraged to use social media to extend the reach of our candidates’ campaign and promote their volunteer experiences. One must take appropriate measures to prevent any misuse or misconduct that may harm the reputation of our candidate. • Any online behavior must be consistent with the Code, the organizational values, and the ethics of Dean’s Campaign. • Volunteers cannot speak on behalf of Dean. When a volunteer chooses to post online, they must clearly state that they are speaking as an individual and not as a representative of the election campaign.

Protection Against Reprisals

No one may retaliate or take hostile action against a volunteer who, in good faith, reports an actual or potential violation of this Code or provides information or assistance in connection with a code of conduct investigation.

Opposition Chance Encounter

Though our city is very large there is always an opportunity of a chance encounter with other Mayoral candidates volunteers distributing campaign materials. Your immediate action is to contact the senior campaign volunteer coordinator on our hotline, inform her of the details regarding the situation and she will then immediately allocate an alternative area within your ward to continue your volunteer work.