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United We Stand Divided We Fall

We are a city of good kind citizens. I truly believe this and it’s one of the reasons I came to live here. We are now seeing the possible winter of our discontent slowly creeping up on us all as we have municipal governments blaming the provincial government, and the provincial government blaming the federal government. No one is being held accountable for their failures and the situation is becoming dysfunctional. It’s the collapse of a democracy in the making if something isn’t done to resolve this.

I do not claim to have all the answers, but I will attempt to resolve some of the issues. I’m a peace keeper, a humanitarian, and a leader. I know my own abilities. All I need is your belief in my future as the leader of our wonderful city.

What is happening?

I listened to our council for many hours blaming our provincial governance for the current situation where our overwhelmed health care system cannot cope. I go on record and say I partly blame myself for this situation, I should have been more of a pain in the backside to all levels of government during this past year. I now know I should have pushed more to be heard in our time of crises and I will rectify that situation should I be elected.  

Due to the lack of strategic forward planning by federal, provincial and municipal governance the ICUs in our city and province are overrun with COVID patients. The media has promoted fear amongst a population and the blame has been placed on those who are not vaccinated instead of governments failure to prepare and resolve  issues over the past year. Media have promoted an agenda for fear mongering and they will be held accountable in the future. 

Specific levels of governance have placed mandatory masking and vaccine passport restrictions in place and as a result the media yet again are pumping overwhelming amounts of information to the public that is driving a wedge between groups of citizens, not just living in our city, throughout our province and country, I hang my head in extreme disappointment and shame as I have seen this level of poor leadership and mainstream media interference before in war torn countries. 

Do we not learn anything from history? I hoped never to witness similar events again. Our hospitals have no plan B for coping with the present situation, lack of staff and ICU space, provincial AHS staff reductions, EMS layoffs, lack of support to city municipal governance – I could go on but it is futile.

In April 2020 I issued the attached document to all three levels of governance and the distribution list which you may find shocking, please go to page 30 to 35 and you see my attempt to help our country’s governance at the start of the COVID pandemic to prepare for what was about to unfold, it’s only five pages but it was just a message:

I never received any response from either municipal, provincial or federal levels. This protocol needs to be adopted and developed by federal and provincial governments so that our city in the future can call upon military aid to the civil powers (MACP) once a state of emergency is declared. This could have been implemented a year ago. It would have alleviated  the pressures on our health care, as military tented hospitals could have been deployed into our city within days not weeks.

Also in my professional capacity as a senior facilities operator and 9 years of HVAC experience in our city behind me, I formulated a document in January of this year and issued it to my councillor in ward 4 to give to council. The document provides clear information about HVAC problems in all of our city’s buildings and offers suggestions regarding the  implementation of city wide policies which would definitely affect  the lowering of COVID 19 transmission rates. Here is the link to that document please have a read I am sure you will find it informative:  

I received a comment from my city councillor it said “INTERESTING” no other member of council did any kind of follow-up. Our city should be looking at alternative ways to ease our present health care situation. Due to my two submissions failing to be noticed I am still being proactive and recently connected with a Naturopathic doctor to compile yet another document of information in hopes to get my message across this one has yet to be distributed to any level of governance. 


What should be happening?

How are we going to make that happen?

Should I be elected into public office as your Mayor I will be that leader which Calgary citizens have not had before. With our new council we will work together for social equality and against injustices in all its forms, fighting for the civil rights of a city and its people. I will be placing pressure on our provincial and federal government to implement a MACP policy that cities can call upon at short notice in times of crises and emergency.

I will advise the council that we should work with CEMA (Calgary Emergency Management Agency) to develop our cities’ emergency pandemic reaction policies. Implementing city wide HVAC policy standards for each building, office block, hospital, school, gym and other businesses by using a colour coded system which people can clearly understand should they decide to enter a specific establishment. I will issue a more detailed plan to the council should I be elected into office.

I would be advising the council with the assistance of trained naturopathic doctors in our city to promote the future and benefits of Naturopathic training & treatment philosophy. Giving options of a natural immune support plan for citizens who contract COVID. Giving citizens alternatives to standard western medical practices needs to be addressed now, not years down the line.
I will also advise the council on policies our city should take in regards to senior care as this needs to be addressed ASAP.

This is how Naturopathic Medicine – can support the current recovery of our overwhelmed AHS.

Citizens need to be informed of other options that are not being shared when it comes to protecting ourselves against COVID transmission. In conjunction with the subjects I’ve already mentioned, there is another approach citizens can take. 

There are citizens in our city who can not have the COVID vaccine because of underlying medical conditions, people that are on medication that restricts them from vaccines because it could kill them and citizens who have recovered from COVID. Do we as a city or nation continue to openly shame and persecute these individuals or do we look at an alternative solution for them?  I am a military thinker when it comes to leadership –  I look at a problem, define an aim then use strategic military indoctrination and thinking to resolve the issue. 

For some time I’ve been looking for an answer and investigated an alternative option that is naturopathic medicine, which is different from allopathic medicine. Naturopathic doctors (ND’s) have over 800 hours of training in nutrition, counseling, physical medicine, herbal medicine and homeopathy. Training also focuses on proactive and preventive care. In terms of the current state of healthcare in our city and province the system needs support. 

Some common and simple practices that would improve baseline health for all citizens include:

1) Eating a whole foods diet
2) Eliminate refined food
3) Limit sugar
4) Limit alcohol
5) Eat 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily
6) Ensure adequate hydration
 This improves nutrient absorption and helps the body eliminate waste
7) Exercise
 Exercise is important for muscle contraction which is needed for the movement of the lymphatic tissue, Lymphatic tissue is part of the immune system
8) Hydrotherapy
Hot and cold contrast showers, this supports the lymphatic/immune system
9) Adequate sleep and rest
 Improving sleep quality either with homeopathic remedies are supplements such as melatonin, GABA, l-theanine, chamomile, passiflora, valerian
Supplements need to be reviewed for drug-herb interactions
10) Implementing proper sleep hygiene
Limit electronic use before bed and Remove electronics from the bedroom
11) Create a daily routine for success
 Health maintenance vitamin pack
 Multivitamin (due to lack of nutrients in our food supply)
Vit D – antiviral, immune support
 NAC (n-acetyl cysteine) – supports detoxification pathways – the liver is responsible for detoxifying pathogens that enter the body
 Vit C – the body does not produce on it’s own; immune support
Reishi mushroom – immune support, anti-anxiety, can help with
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For more advice and information on COVID health care reach out to our cities NATUROPATHIC DOCTORS.
Only strong decisive leadership will get our city through this situation together “United we stand, divided we fall”.
I hope to gain your vote, support and donations for my election campaign. Thank you for taking time to read this.