Dean's Platform

Calgary Recycling Program


What is happening?

I have for many years followed a countless number of extremely large trucks into all of the city’s landfill sites and watched as they continuously dump blue bin material into the landfills. When I asked staff from each of the landfills, I was told that it was “contaminated” and they usually they see 3 to 4 trucks a day. Over the last decade, I have reached out to our City Council a number of times about this situation. All I have ever received in response, has been political deflection from the questions I’ve presented.

Our recycling should be going through a process of separation, then the materials should be sold to a third party business in order for that organization to reprocess those materials again. Revenue from the waste materials we throw away is meant to be refunded back into our recycling program. It is my opinion that our recycling program should eventually become self-sustainable, and this would result in the citizens of Calgary paying less for recycling.


What should be happening?

How are we going to make that happen?

Should you elect me into public office as your Mayor, I will instruct City Administration to develop a full survey and [to] deliver a presentation to Council on the subject of our recycling processes and programs. [The main topics would] focus on the annual funding, expenditures, and profits. I would invite our new council to take part in a tour to visit all areas of the recycling process. Council would then hold a debate on the future outcome of our city’s recycling program, focusing on two major issues:

Is the city’s recycling program doing exactly what Calgarians have been informed it is doing?

Is the business of recycling in our city losing money every year, and are we as citizens getting what we pay for?

If it is found that this system which has been running for many years is broken, then it will be the Council’s responsibility to decide the course of action required to fix it. Then they will need to decide what advice and guidance they wish to give [to] the City Administration.