Frequently Asked Question

I am a leader and not a politician, I spent 30 years in military service being deployed to many war torn countries in various leadership roles. I’ve seen misery, despair, helplessness and poverty as a direct result of poor governance and lack of leadership. On one deployment I witnessed the absolute worst that humanity could possibly deliver to other human beings. 

I promised myself that day that should I see the leaders in the city I choose to live in start to jeopardize the future of its children, friends, community and citizens of the city then I would do something about it. For the full story visit my campaign website everything is explained in detail.

I do not consider myself a visionary and I only state facts. Should I be elected into office as your Mayor I need to be realistic and look at what can be achieved in a 4 year term? I never promise anything, however if I say I am going to do something then I will! You will not hear any political spin or deflections as I say things how they are and never candy coat a difficult situation that may arise.  

We are just starting to move in the right direction out of a COVID pandemic and our business sector has been decimated with lock downs, to the point that hundreds of businesses have closed as they were unable to ride the tidal wave of economic recession. 

Should I be elected into public service I would be strongly advising the council to look seriously at reducing business taxes for the next two years minimum in order for our cities economy to start recovering. 

Bringing more business and jobs to our city is on the top of my “to do” list. More job opportunities will enable citizens to gain employment and raise their standard of living and in many cases lift themselves out of poverty. Support for small businesses is critical to our cities recovery and the new council must recognise this.  

I have always had the ability to bring calm during complete chaos. To convince, persuade and support people to do things they may not otherwise contemplate doing to create a positive outcome.  

The majority of my life experience came from working in some of the most diverse, dangerous and extreme situations throughout the world. All the other Mayoral candidates' life experiences combined would not come close to what I’ve seen, been part of or witnessed.  

The decisions I make will be made in the best interests of the city and its citizens and drawn from some of my life experiences. I can assure you however, I am not a puppet for some political party and I am definitely not in anyone’s back pocket, the decisions I make will be mine and mine alone. 

I am not sure how many other candidates can honestly make that statement?

A. First I need to inform you that I am not a politician and will not be drawn into political debates at provincial or federal levels of governance now or in the future. If I am to become the leader of our city, I will do everything in my power to protect and support the people of Calgary. My 30 years in the military allowed me to see firsthand the results of UN intervention in numerous countries which were both positive and negative. I could give you detailed examples but would be writing a very long essay. To keep this email short, in general, my answer would be yes, I do believe on a whole the UN does do a good job. However, does it make mistakes? Yes, it does.

When resolutions against countries committing genocide are implemented either through sanctions or military intervention then I would consider each case independently, gather all the facts, and look at the intelligence reports before offering support for a specific situation.

A. My answer to that is no. I believe charity begins at home, Calgary is my home, Alberta is my home and Canada is my home, I am a Canadian citizen. If we cannot put our own house in order, how can we as a nation even contemplate resolving problems throughout the world? I am a realist, not a visionary and my focus for the next 4 years is Calgary and improving the lives of the people who live here. For those outside of Calgary would have to wait. I understand that you may not agree with some of my responses now or in the future but as Mayor in a major leadership role sadly you cannot please everyone.

CEMA plays a huge part in the strategic planning and implementation of emergency and disaster response situations both during and after any disaster has taken place in our city. They are vital to developing speedy response strategic planning of many disastrous scenarios. Having a "What if plan", in place that can be implemented without delay is key to the safety of all citizens of our city.

I spent 30 years in the military in major leadership roles and fully understand the need for training and cross-collaboration between emergency service modalities. The saying "Those who work together need to train together" is very true and I gave a submission to the council in 2019 on this very subject of supporting our emergency services. However, my presentation received zero acknowledgment and then COVID happened.

I would intend to advise the new council, should I become your Mayor, that CEMA is given a realistic training budget annually, so at least one combined major exercise could happen each year involving Police, fire, military, and EMS services. We as a city conduct far too many surveys that cost hundreds of thousands of our dollars. I would advise the new council that this should be scaled back and redirect those funds into the CEMA training budget.

You are correct with your statement about stage one of the green line going ahead. I have spent hundreds of hours studying all the material, listening to public submissions and council debates on what this present council has implemented. Just last week I listened to 6 hours of updates on phase one. In response to your question of whether I think any of the legacy projects should be put into mothballs, here is my answer:-

On my campaign website, there is a long list of reforms I want to introduce to our city and one mentions legacy projects. If you go to that platform subject you will see my opinion on legacy projects.

I am not privileged to detailed information within each city legacy project contract. However, should I be elected into the public office I will have full access to all documents. It would be then when I and the new council members would be able to assess where the city is with each of the projects. As you can imagine when a contract has been signed by the current council and Mayor the city is bound by specific laws to follow through on that contract.

If your new Mayor and council decide to cancel a specific contract then the city i.e. we, the taxpayers, could face millions of dollars in penalty payments to companies for breach of contract. If we were to place the project on hold for a couple of years, we could also be in breach of contract due to timelines and inflation costs on materials.

Until I'm elected as your Mayor I am not able to give you a complete and accurate answer to your question. If it is within the control of the new council, I would be looking to suspend one or two legacy projects until our economy has time to recover from COVID lockdowns. We could use those much-needed funds to support vital services which save lives and that needs to be addressed ASAP due to the cutbacks over the past few years. It would also be used to inject some life into the small business sector and assist them to get up and running again by throwing them a lifeline during the next two taxable years. 

Should all legacy projects have to move forward, then I would be advising our new council that we are merely the caretakers of these projects, and should contractors require more funding from the city due to running over budget then our response needs to be that "The cash register of our city is closed". They have to build within the budget they originally stated in their proposal.

I believe the justice minister of Alberta is attempting to put a bill through at the provincial level of government that will hold MLAs, councilors, and Mayors accountable for their failures. Because people are elected representatives the process could involve a percentage of their ward or city submitting a petition (signed by voters) requesting the immediate dismissal and removal of the elected official from office. There would then be a 4 week election period in that ward or city to elect another official for the post. This process is in its infancy and, to be honest, I can't even see this happening within the next four years, but who knows?

On my platform, you will see I have started my intent regarding councilor and Mayor Expenses. Should you vote for me as your new Mayor, first I will investigate expenses submitted by all councilors and the outgoing Mayor for the past 10 years. These results will be made public so every Calgarian can have the opportunity to scrutinize this information. If there have been any breaches in misuse of public funds it would be followed by a criminal investigation.

Moving forward I would be proposing to the new council that all expenses be made public every 3 months. I would be pushing for all parties to disclose to our cities ethics committee any gifts or donations they receive during their time on council, however large or small. All this information would be indicated on our cities website, openness and transparency of municipal governance in the future is vital to reduce discourse amongst citizens.

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the approach I'd be taking, even though it may not be a popular proposal amongst the council members. Please research all councilors running in your ward and also the Mayoral candidates. Take time in making your decision because as you know whoever wins will be there for the next 4 years. I hope to have your support as I cannot do this without your vote.

Soldiers receive campaign medals during their tour of military service. Mine spans 30 years of military service, from the 80s and the cold war to peacekeeping in the early 2000s. The medals are for peacekeeping operations, counter-terrorist deployments, conflict deployments, good military service, yes believe it or not you get medals for being a good soldier.

I support campaign financial disclosure one week before early election voting. I also support the disclosure of donations every month, plus fundraisers should be required to give itemized lists of individual donors at those events. Elections Calgary should consider implementing these proposals and make them mandatory requirements.

On my platform you will see a topic on “new clean energy” i.e. hydrogen, not only do I wish to create a hydrogen hub here in Calgary I also want to look towards having our refinery that converts our natural gas (which we have in abundance) into blue hydrogen. Edmonton already has a hydrogen hub and Medicine Hat’s hydrogen hub will go online in November this year. In Calgary, we still have to take that first step which I intend to do with our new council.

This subject is covered on my platform, so I’d like to encourage you to visit for information. In regards to retaining our youth, they need to gain some real-life experience and that can only be developed through travel outside our city and our country. I will be encouraging the youth of our city to go out into the world on their adventures and explore. I believe they will eventually come to realize that this country of ours and this city is the jewel in the crown and that they will return. Those who wish to stay will make their minds up. I do not, as the leader of our city, want to pamper any specific group of people. I chose this country and city for a reason, if you read into my website you will find out why. The youth of our city will make their minds up in good time. We will always fill up our workforce with or without youth.

A different style of leadership down at city hall will be the backbone to Calgary’s recovery over the next 4 years as this is not something that can be rectified in a matter of months. Check out my platform on the reforms I intend to direct the new council toward.

Please visit my platform and arrive at your conclusion regarding my approach to climate issues.

Two years ago when I decided to run for public office I sat down with my wife and stated to her that I needed to put every dollar I owned and earned from my facilities maintenance paycheque into my startup campaign because ethically how could I ask the people of our city for donations if I wasn’t prepared to give everything I have? The reason for this approach is that the decisions I make for our city will come from my 57 years of life experience and NOT a political party or any business conglomerate that happens to fund my campaign. I have only received 5 donations so far and $1000 is the highest from a close family friend. I can only achieve so much without donations especially when it comes to getting my name and platform out there. Donations will eventually come in once the general public reads what I intend to do for our city. I will be indebted to no one - this is a fact! 

Please look at my platform subject on COVID recovery. I clearly state the actions I will be taking.

Our city needs a different style of leadership, it requires a person who follows through, when they say they are going to do something then they do it. If you check all other candidates’ platforms that are running for Mayor you will see there is zero information about what they will do. Everything I state is achievable within a 4 office term. I am not a politician, I am a leader, a person who will get things done, the only platform subject that is not achievable in 4 years is the clean energy program.

If you take away all the platform subjects from every candidate running to become Mayor the other candidates have nothing to offer other than statements. I still have 30 years of professional leadership and life experience to offer my city with a leadership style that has been tried and tested in some of the most dangerous environments throughout the world. I am also not in anyone’s back pocket nor am I a political party puppet.

Please go to my platform subject of police reform and read the attached document connected with a new pilot Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) program I want to implement. Also, read my biography and you will come to understand my approach on all the topics you have mentioned.

Please read my approach to legacy projects in my platform. Yes, the green line will happen, however not be as quickly as some citizens would hope for.

All the plans I have been laid out in my Platform please take time to look it over. You will see exactly where I intend to guide our council over the next 4 years. If you decide to choose me as your candidate then all I ask is that you direct friends and family to my website for them to come to their conclusions. I can only accomplish this with supporters like yourself and donations. I place my future in the people’s hands and not some business conglomerate or political organization.

Please do take a look at my platform topic in regards to the police community support officers (PCSO) pilot program. There is a link to a document that I submitted twice to the present council in the past year with zero response.

Should I be elected into office as your mayor I would be looking to implement this program. I feel you will find it both interesting and informative as it focuses on Community policing which would resolve some of the issues you are experiencing in your community.

In regards to population density, it is a fine line focusing either on urban sprawl and increased taxes to expand emergency services or increase urban density and keep taxes manageable. The latest guidebook that lays out the way our city will develop for the next 60 years has been passed by this present council. However, developers have to present their plans to the council and the council still has to vote. The guidebook is just that, a guide.

Because of the state of our economy we need to prioritize all our services. My focus and priorities as the leader of our city will always be the protection of life and property with all other services coming a close second. If elected I will only have 4 years to turn our city around, so I have to be realistic. If you have looked at my platform you will see my reforms which are achievable within 4 years.

The new councilor for your ward needs to hear your views so that they can bring your concerns to the council for debate. Please choose your new counselor and mayoral candidate wisely. Thank you for your email and questions. I hope to gain your support.

Please visit the platform topic in my campaign website at you will find there on my platform the approach on indigenous relations.

Thank you for your email. I agree there is always more we in the city can do when it comes to helping those living with mental health issues and addiction. I have volunteered in the charitable sector of our city for over a decade in most communities and have seen the mental health situation grow to epidemic proportions. You will be glad to know that in March 2021, the present City Council approved Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy, as well as the supporting Investment Framework. Council has earmarked up to $25 million over five years (2019-2023) for Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction. Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Investment Framework will be implemented through three streams, each with its eligibility criteria:

• Connect the Dots! is intended to enhance support for existing evidence-based community programs and services that respond to the mental health and addictions-related issues affecting Calgarians.

• Change Can't-Wait! Supports innovative ideas that bring change at the individual, family, community, and policy or system levels. Funding is provided for 6-month fast pilot projects.

• Targeted investments for evidence-informed projects and initiatives that advance the actions of the Strategy at the policy, systems, or community level.

The goal of the funds is to support actions that create hope and strengthen support for everyone through three themes as identified in Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy:

Being well: Wellness at home, at school, at work, and in the community

Getting help: What you need, when, where, and how you need it

Staying safe: Security at all times, especially in a crisis

Investment in staying safe


The Community Safety Investment Framework supports Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy theme of STAYING SAFE. It is a collaborative effort between The City of Calgary, the Calgary Police Service, and community partners to connect and identify ways to improve support for Calgarians in crisis due to mental health concerns and addictions by addressing gaps in:

Crisis services for individuals, their families, and support networks;

Outreach services;

The emergency response system in Calgary includes any gaps in racially and culturally appropriate services.

Community Investment Table and Change Can't-Wait! 2020


The City of Calgary earmarked $1 million for testing new initiatives through a fast pilot process called Change Can't-Wait! Community organizations participated in the funding by adding a combined $275,000.00. These organizations, together with The City, form Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction “Community Investment Table”. They are:

• Calgary Foundation

• Calgary Health Foundation

• Hunter Family Foundation

• United Way of Calgary and Area

• Viewpoint Foundation

Two calls for ideas for Change Can't-Wait! fast pilot projects went out in 2020. The first round focused on ideas to improve system access and navigation for mental health and addiction care systems. The second round focused on reducing stigma and building community resilience. Ideas funded through Change Can't-Wait! are outlined below.

Funding for community-based projects 2019-2021


Before the approval of Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Investment Framework, Council approved $3 million for allocation in 2019, 2020, and 2021 for projects designed to prevent mental health and addiction issues, aimed at promotion, early intervention, and/or targeted intervention. A list of the organizations, projects, and funding allocation can be found below.

Change Can't wait lessons learned

Change Can't wait for success stories

Change Can't wait for projects and funding-2021

Change Can't-Wait! Projects and Funding – Round One

Change Can't-Wait! Projects and Funding – Round Two

Community Action on Mental Health and Addiction - Funding

All this being said, should I be elected into the office I will be advising the new council that we should be considering putting even more funding into this program once our economy starts to recover and funds become readily available. Your comments about cannabis licensing are duly noted and if I get the opportunity to develop funds from the concept you have mentioned.

Our current Mayor's comment regarding Provincial infrastructure budgetary issues comes down to personal relationships and poor communications at all levels. Based on the Mayor's track record it's clear that he is not a big fan of the leader of the present provincial government, and these feelings appear to be returned. Even councilors, in the past, decided to become players in provincial politics. Allow me to inform you of my approach should I be elected as your next Mayor. During my campaign period and the 4-year term in public service you will not hear me condemn or support any political party on mainstream media and the reason for this is twofold. First, I need to obtain the best possible financial outcome from our provincial and federal governments during any negotiation on topics that directly impact our city. If I was to take any political stance and another party is elected it could make transactions difficult, and government departments could quite easily use delaying tactics to hold municipalities at bay - basically, it's a power struggle scenario. Secondly, if a Mayor has a conflict of interest it can be detrimental to getting things done.

My approach to leadership is having a personal approach and when it is time to voice my strong opinions to provincial or federal leaders, then they need to receive them directly from me. Body language is critical in getting a point across and if a situation develops where I have concerns with either provincial or federal governance I would not be calling them out on mainstream/social media or conducting a zoom meeting. I would be driving to Edmonton to meet face to face with the minister or premier to engage in one on one meetings. I want answers to come from the horse's mouth, as the saying goes. Likewise, I would be content to pay for my flights in the economy to Ottawa and meet the prime minister should the situation demand.

I would be stressing to our new council that all political opinions need to be channeled through the mayor's chair and not through media, this also can become detrimental to the way the council does business. Councilors will be strongly advised to focus on their wards and city issues and when it comes to provincial and federal issues that are part of the Mayor's role.

The problem our Mayor is having with the provincial government has been self-instigated. Mayor Neshi is having issues receiving funds for the green line because his time as Mayor is coming to an end creating a deadline and he and this council are wanting to get something done. The Green Line is his and council's legacy project and should he not secure the funding then it will be his successor that is named as driving the project forward. This current leadership body has done itself no favors in respect to relationships at the provincial level.

I can say to you that I am a realist, not a visionary or politician. I have my thoughts on global warming etc however you will not hear me talking about them to mainstream media at this time because if I cannot make a major impact on something then I do not offer my opinion. I focus only on what I can do or achieve and as you’re Mayor, should I be elected, the platform subjects on my website are things I feel are achievable within 4 years.

The reason I say I cannot achieve this is that the deadline for completion is 2050. Like any major project, it has to start with a leader "taking that first step" towards change and the topic delivered below lays out the direction and approach that I will be strongly advising our new council to take. You will be pleased to know that you are the first Calgarian to have access to this information as it's about to go live on my election platform shortly.

What Is Happening

Starting in 2014, Oil and Gas prices saw a sharp decline, leading to less revenue for Calgary and an unemployment increase that still stands at a staggering 8.7%. This does not include people who lost their jobs before the pandemic and have given up looking for new jobs. Many of these people are hard-working energy sector workers that have been failed by their governments with projects being canceled, over-regulation, and just plain falling through the cracks as the powers that be choose taxation instead of technology to try and create a low-carbon energy sector with no regard to the results for individuals on the ground. Compounding this issue, increased taxes, inflation, and cost of living have created a spike in energy costs, making it even harder for people and families to make ends meet. We see this in higher home heating bills and gas prices or lack of employment opportunities from the energy sector to the services that support them and the local businesses that rely on Calgarians' support.

What Should Be Happening

The City of Calgary should be 100% supporting the Oil and Gas sector, employing our energy workers, and improving our avenues to utilize our natural resources? The recently announced Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB is a breakthrough in blue hydrogen technology utilizing natural gas to produce low-carbon Hydrogen that can be adopted in Calgary to revitalize our Energy Sector. The HUB program has the full support of the Provincial and Federal governments, area First Nations, and regional municipalities. As Canada is moving to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, this kind of project is needed in Calgary to lower our carbon footprint, diversify Calgary’s energy and economic capabilities, and provide long-term sustainable employment opportunities.

How are We going to make that happen?

As Mayor, I will immediately work with Provincial and Federal governments to secure funding for a Calgary Hydrogen Plant and increase hydrogen electrical infrastructure from the HUB to Calgary, partnering with regional municipalities/First Nations, electrical providers, and non-profit organizations such as Transition Accelerator to create a winning project for all involved and creating thousands of energy sector jobs right here in the Calgary Region. I will also expand the EDGE UP program from Calgary Economic Development to help former oil workers and our next generation of energy sector workforce be a part of the new Calgary Energy. I was in Edmonton last Saturday meeting with the western Canada representative of the hydrogen accelerator. They reached out to every mayoral candidate but no other candidates took any great interest, which I find sad. I took a tour of Edmonton’s hydrogen hub infrastructure and I was pleasantly pleased with what I saw. The attached documents, which will be on my website platform, will give you more information on the subject of a Hydrogen Hub and the other areas where Hydrogen can be used i.e. trains, trucks, transit and electrical turbines, etc. Funding for initiatives comes predominantly from provincial and federal resources so I would not expect this project to be a financial burden on taxpayers in Calgary. This will be a lengthy project and I hope that in my lifetime I can witness its further development. I hope this gives you an idea of the direction I wish our City to go. Once this information is live on my website there will be links where one can obtain more information about why hydrogen, in my opinion, is the new clean energy we have been looking for.

I first want to let you know that I'm fully aware of our country's constitution when it comes to freedom of speech. I know that there have been situations in our city over the past 12 months where this has come into question. It is my opinion that as long as a group or individual abides by the laws of our city, province and country then there is no fear of facing any reprisals from law enforcement if I become your Mayor.

Because of my past 30 years in military service which took me to many war-torn countries, I have zero tolerance for bullies, systemic racist groups, or organizations preaching terrorist ideology in any form. The reason for my hard stance and approach on this is because I have witnessed the outcome of many country's devastated populations as a result of war and religious infighting.

I will be encouraging our new council to give more powers to our police so they can do their job effectively to eradicate seedy organizations from our city. If these types of groups try to establish their operations in our city I have no issues facing these groups personally as your mayor and advise them to disperse peacefully. The people of our city will eventually come to know I am a man of action and if I say I'm going to do something then I will indeed do it.

I am and always have been a leader first. I am not a politician and I always lead by example. I would not expect our police to face these groups if, as your Mayor, were not prepared to face them myself. If they ignore my advice, only then would the long arm of our law be brought in to disband or take individuals into custody.

The intention would be of this being done in an orderly manner and for those individuals to face charges placed upon them by the laws of our province and country. I am very passionate about this topic and I hope this answers your question.

Thank you for your letter and questions about subjects that are close to my heart, our most vulnerable citizens, and my approach in regards to discrimination of our citizens living below the poverty line. Before I get into the subjects I would like to let you know a few facts behind my motivations and why I am so passionate about helping citizens dealing with challenging situations.

During my life in military service, I had the very unfortunate experience of witnessing and dealing with the fallout of very bad leadership and I witnessed the ravages of war and its devastating effects on humanity. Africa, the Balkans, Middle East, and Central America are a few areas where I served and saw horrendous things no young person should ever be exposed to. Many years ago, even before I was in the military, I promised myself that one day I would find a peaceful country and a city with good kind people and I would make that country and city my home. I would live out the rest of my life in peace while volunteering and helping those less fortunate, particularly those finding it hard to gain a foothold back into society.

In the 12 years that I have lived in Calgary, I have volunteered for many charities in our city. Imagine my growing concerns seeing so many people living in poverty in such a modern city and knowing that the municipal government had not effectively addressed the situation. I fully understand the challenges that face me and the new city council in regards to homelessness and poverty. Thousands of families and people are living well below the poverty line, just these past 12 months the city has witnessed 77,000 more citizens slip into poverty due to unemployment. For many years only charitable organizations have been attacking the situation head-on with the minimum of funding.

How do I intend to approach the homeless situation? Having someone in the top role (Mayor) who understands the seriousness of Calgary’s poverty and has a proven track record of leadership experience will help address this situation. The Mayor has just one vote on council out of 15. Should I become mayor then my job is to bring 14 councilors together who are from very different diverse ethnic backgrounds and who may have limited life experience. Getting them to collectively work together as a team will not be easy for someone who has no real leadership experience, but by explaining my approach to our homelessness and poverty (outlined below) I would then need the council to vote in favor of my submission for anything to happen. That is why all citizens of the voting age need to choose their Councillors and Mayor carefully.

As previously mentioned charitable organizations are currently addressing the situation, however, they are lacking funding from all 3 levels of government and are unable to expand and grow their operations. Two years ago our provincial government deducted around 4 million dollars from the charitable sector addressing homelessness and yet our city did not step up to fill the void. It is only this year that there seems to be a glimmer of hope for support to the homeless and mental health programs. This present council has now set up a fund with around 14 million dollars to be allocated to these programs that are already in place. I would be looking to advise the new council that this fund should be allocated another 14 million dollars next year. I would then want to ensure the money gets to the groups that can make a difference and expand their operations to meet the demand.

These charitable organizations need to provide a “wrap-around approach” in looking after and helping our citizens. People need help with addiction, counseling for trauma, medical assistance, housing, food, clothing, employment advice, and much more. Collaboration of these organizations is the key to success, and only then will the city be able to develop a successful care package for our vulnerable citizens. I have been fighting for people who cannot fight for themselves all my life and I do not intend to stop anytime soon.

Another way our city can lift citizens out of poverty is through employment opportunities, which can be accomplished by opening up our economy and getting businesses running again. This has to be the number one course of action as having a daily purpose benefits not only one’s pocket but is just as important as a person’s mental health and feeling of self-worth.  

You will have noticed from my website that I am a veteran and served 30 years in the military. I am fully aware of the concerns and dangers around the illegal gun distribution and use amongst the criminal element of our city, province and country. I have owned guns in Europe and the laws around licencing and ownership are much stricter than in Canada.


Sadly gaining access to weapons for illegal activity will happen whether the government bans them or not - this is a fact. I say this because during my military service I was involved in an extensive investigation to identify gun runners after the Kosovo war and to fully understand the processes they use to obtain and distribute illegal guns all over the world.


Please let me inform you that placing further restrictions on law abiding gun owners in our city is a political stunt to obtain votes and popularity. I know already of a number of Mayoral candidates that have taken this stance, please do ask them all to give you details for their answers. They are totally naïve, delusional, clueless and have totally no depth of knowledge on the topic of gun crime.


Should I be elected into public office I will not penalize responsible gun owners who are involved in sports competition shooting or those who go to a range to shoot and relax. Yes, shooting guns can be very relaxing and can be therapeutic too, especially to ex-service types such as myself. We are always looking south of the border at the constant gun crime, but we are not the U.S.


In our city we have responsible Canadian gun owners who have been issued a licence by attending a course. I can also inform you all that even regardless of my wealth of military experience including combat deployments I had to still attend the course to obtain my gun license even though I trained marksman and ran one of the largest shooting ranges in Northern England for 2 years as a military range liaison officer. If this topic comes to council I will be strongly advising the new council not to ban handguns in our city. Handguns are currently a restricted weapon and I know for a fact there are adequate rules in place for their transportation and use already.


I will be defending responsible gun owners at all levels in our city. Should I be given the opportunity as your next Mayor to engage on the subject of gun control with our police department? I'd be looking to advise the new council that the best approach to gun violence is to financially support our police gun crime intervention unit much better and allow them to increase their operations in our city in collaboration with the RCMP to target gun runners and their illegal armouries which will be located outside our city limits.


I'd also be looking to pressure the province to implement stiffer penalties for criminals involved in gun crime. Criminals will get guns whether they're branded illegal or not. This is a fact.