Dean Hopkins Announces Official Mayoral Candidacy in City of Calgary

Champion of the working-class vows to make a difference in Calgary’s political system

CALGARY, ALBERTA — April 13, 2021 — Today, Dean Hopkins announced that he is running for Mayor of Calgary. Hopkins has a solid reputation as a veteran and is positioning himself as a working-class candidate, representing average citizens. Dean Hopkins has shared his vision of standing up for Calgary as the founder of One Direction Calgary, a non-profit charitable organization advocating for those served by Calgary’s philanthropic organizations. Hopkins is a leader who is involved in public outreach and networking, and he believes in “Good People Doing Good Things.”

“I am not the sort of politician looking for power and fame,” said Calgary mayoral candidate, Dean Hopkins. “I have the advantage because I have no debts or favors owed to city organizations, and I am certainly in no one’s back pocket. I bring enthusiasm and commitment to an effort our city has never before experienced. Our campaign is determined to get out the message that there is a trusted candidate finally focused on helping the city. I am motivated to serve Calgary as a man with strong morals and leadership. The Calgary community knows me as a veteran, a DIY guy and a community volunteer. I am a person who enjoys the outdoors, a good game of rugby and even an occasional cold beer.”

Dean Hopkins is a champion of the people. He empathizes with every member of Calgary’s working class because he himself is a worker among workers. His values are apparent as he is always giving back to the community. Dean Hopkins is a man who has followed the Calgary municipal government’s political workings from the sidelines for over a decade and he wants to change things for the better. He plans to focus his campaign on bringing Calgarians opportunities to live their best lives. Hopkins knows that every citizen and family in Calgary deserves a peaceful and safe environment in a city free from discrimination or violence.

Volunteers are needed and encouraged to contact campaign headquarters.

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