Dean's Platform

COVID Vaccine, Passports & Mandating Masking

What is happening?

At present our city has lifted restrictions on the masking mandate. Three of the present councillors, three of which are mayoral candidates, and around 8 new councillor candidates are not happy with the direction restrictions have gone in our city and want restrictions to be reintroduced again. 

Vaccines, at present, are voluntary but there are signs that the provincial and federal government are looking to place restrictions on travel and other events for those who cannot prove they have been vaccinated.

Our city’s present municipal government should be standing up for the rights of all citizens. They should also be working with CEMA to formulate a plan B should COVID numbers start to increase during the winter months. Creating policies and procedures to keep our most vulnerable population safe and our economy open for business is key. Throughout my role as a military leader, I would tell young leaders of the future, “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.” 

What should be happening is our present leaders need need to unite as one voice and should be publicly vocal on the topic of masking and immunization connected with COVID vaccine and that every Calgarian has a civil right to make their own choice and decision whether to mask or not or be vaccinated or not. This leadership should be empowering all citizens of every age to take responsibility for their own welfare and in making parental decisions for the welfare of their own children.

What should be happening?

How are we going to make that happen?

If elected into office as your Mayor I will stand up for all in Calgary that face social injustice or discrimination and will advise council that as the new leaders of the city we should not be enforcing mandatory vaccinations or reintroducing mandatory masking within Calgary and that we should not support vaccine passports to be used in the city either.

A person’s medical records are private and confidential. Having to prove you have had some medical procedure is unconstitutional.If this council has not taken a stance on empowering Calgarians to take control of their own health & welfare then I will advise the council to now take this approach. We as a City have had the pros and cons of masking and vaccines preached to us for the past year. We all know the information and now people should make their own decisions. Fear breeds fear and the mental health of our city is in decline.

There is no quick fix for that either. Clear decisive messages need to be given to everyone by strong leadership which we do not have at this time. I totally empathize with citizens who are more sensitive about COVID and respect their wishes and understand all their concerns when it comes to the transmission of COVID 19. I strongly believe we should not be escalating the situation, especially as our future as a city depends on de-escalating and moving forward to a place where we all are comfortable with full social interaction.

I fought for the freedom and rights of many nations during my 30 year military service and I do not intend to change my personal morals and values when the going gets tough and the fear becomes stronger. I will be the rock that our city needs to move forward not backwards. When a situation arises I look for ways to resolve it. I do not stamp my feet like a petulant child hoping someone will hear me. I make things happen by doing something about it.

For over ten years in our city I have been a senior professional facilities building maintenance operator in many buildings. I thought about the transmission issue of COVID in all of our city’s facilities. I took a lot of time to conduct my own research on the subject of air conditioning and specifically “sick building syndrome”. For those who are unaware this is actually a condition which can be caused by poor facilities maintenance procedures. I compiled my findings in a document and sent it to my councillor who was asked to kindly distribute it to this council for consideration.

This happened in January of this year, the document gave factual information on HVAC systems, filters and air handling units. The document informed them that should maintenance be improved on said equipment throughout our city then it would definitely help reduce the transmission of COVID in schools, hospitals, care facilities, restaurants and businesses.

I was not contacted or consulted about my submission document by anyone, so here we are and now I am running to become your Mayor who will make things happen. This will only with your support, your vote and your donations to get my name out to 1.3 million citizens. Our economy needs to remain open and CEMA needs to start planning our cities COVID response policies NOW. This will only happen with your support. Your vote and dontaions will help me get my name out to 1.3 million citizens.