Dean's Platform

Calgary Beliefs, Origin & Orientation

What is happening?

Over the past couple of years we have seen our city continue to move in the right direction by publicly denouncing ‘conversion therapy’ practices and by implementing a bylaw to make the practice illegal in our city. I actually sat in council that day when the result of this Council vote was announced. 

Then we had a Black Lives Matter rally at Olympic plaza that resulted in talks with the Council and our Police Department that created new avenues of dialog between concerned groups and our City Council. New policies and educational procedures were adopted in a variety of departments and organizations across our city.

Every person in Canada has the right to live free of fear of discrimination, violence, or exclusion regardless of whom they love, how they identify or express their gender, their ethnic origin, or religious beliefs. Being proactive in having a zero-tolerance attitude to discrimination, violence, or exclusion is vital to the unity of all of the various communities in our city

What should be happening?

How are we going to make that happen?

In my lifetime I have personally witnessed the extreme outcomes and effects inflicted upon people of a specific Religious Beliefs, Ethnic Origins, or Sexual Orientations. I’ve witnessed and experienced bullying at its extreme. I spent my whole life fighting for and defending those less equipped to do so themselves. We are not born as racists or bigots. We all have been exposed at some point, to bigoted racist opinions and practices, and have this ‘thing’ that sets us apart from other forms of earth’s inhabitants—and it’s called free will. We can decide, as humans, to believe or not to believe in the information given to us. Our journey from childhood to adulthood is crucial to our personal development, and education is the key.The more humanity is exposed to a multitude of educational practices, the better-informed humans become. The less educated or naive we are in regards to this understanding, the further down the hill of life humanity will travel.

I will encourage our education system to fund an initiative that would see groups of inspirational speakers become involved with our youth. Involved in all communities and in all schools, colleges, universities, etc., to give both inspirational and educational presentations addressing specific topics. About subjects that address life, about transitioning from childhood to adulthood and covering morality, ethics, and codes of conduct; about different religious beliefs such as, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, etc. Address bullying (in all its various forms) and have victims present their stories; invite speakers such as convicted criminals from the correctional system to deliver impact statements. I’d like to see schools provide exposure to religious places of worship to understand their roles in in our city and to visit correctional facilities to learn from those conditions as part of their curriculum.

There is so much that can still be achieved in the effort to resolve the misinformation, the misunderstanding, and the lack of understanding. Our children are not being prepared for life under this current system of education. Our children need to be taught life skills that will prepare them mentally and physically for challenges life will eventually present them with.