Dean's Platform

Calgary New Clean Energy Sector Jobs

What is happening?

Starting in 2014, Oil and Gas prices saw a sharp decline, leading to less revenue for Calgary and an unemployment increase that still stands at a staggering 8.7%. This does not include people who lost their jobs before the pandemic and have given up looking for new jobs. 

Many of these people are hard- working energy sector workers that have been failed by their governments with projects being canceled, over-regulation, and just plain falling through the cracks as the powers that be choose taxation instead of technology to try and create a low-carbon energy sector with no regard to the results for individuals on the ground.

Compounding this issue, increased taxes, inflation, and cost of living have created a spike in energy costs, making it even harder for people and families to make ends meet. We see this in higher home heating bills and gas prices or lack of employment opportunities from the energy sector to the services that support them and the local businesses that rely on Calgarians support.

The City of Calgary should be 100% supporting the Oil and Gas sector, employing our energy workers and improving our avenues to utilize our natural resources. The recently announced Edmonton Region Hydrogen HUB is a breakthrough in blue hydrogen technology utilizing natural gas to produce low-carbon Hydrogen that can be adopted in Calgary to revitalize our Energy Sector.

The HUB program has the full support of the Provincial and Federal governments, area First Nations, and regional municipalities.

As Canada is moving to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, this kind of project is needed in Calgary to lower our carbon footprint, diversify Calgary’s energy and economic capabilities, and provide long-term sustainable employment opportunities.

What should be happening?

How are we going to make that happen?

As Mayor, I will immediately work with Provincial and Federal governments to secure funding for a Calgary Hydrogen Plant and increase hydrogen electrical infrastructure from the HUB to Calgary, partnering with regional municipalities/First Nations, electrical providers, and non-profit organizations such as Transition Accelerator to create a winning project for all involved and creating thousands of energy sector jobs right here in the Calgary Region. I will also expand the EDGE UP program from Calgary Economic Development to help former oil workers and our next generation of energy sector workforce be a part of the new Calgary Energy. Please read the links below to further become more informed on the platform topic.

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