Dean's Platform

Calgary Mental Health Issues

What is happening?

Mental health issues in our city are increasing at an epidemic rate. I have actively worked in this charitable sector in many communities and understand that mental health is a priority that has to be addressed. The current council has been proactive on this issue, by developing a connection with 26 organizations in our city, that have already been tackling the situation with limited resources. The committee is looking into providing further funding to these groups.

Council should be acting to make this funding available to the organizations actively addressing mental health issues—sooner rather than later. It should have already been addressed on local media networks to inform the citizens of Calgary and also directed to organizations accountable for the grant approval processes. I have no access to information reporting on this issue, to tell if this has already happened.

What should be happening?

How are we going to make that happen?

I will give my full support to this initiative should I be elected as your Mayor. I would now strongly encourage all organizations throughout our city that are presently addressing these mental health issues head-on, to contact my campaign office, through this website. I will schedule an in-depth information session, to bring me up to speed on your charity/organization’s goals, objectives, challenges, and visions for the future.