Dean's Platform

Calgary Legacy Projects

What is happening?

Our city currently has a number of legacy projects (i.e., Field House, BMO Centre expansion, new arena development, and the Green Line) that are going to move forward whether we like it or not. The next council will be, in my opinion, the caretakers of these projects. Some of these contracts are already underway.

City council should be assessing all development projects throughout our city during this time of COVID to see which of these, if any, can be placed into a state of suspended animation for a set period of time in order to restore funding back into the city’s capital budget. Then council could identify and prioritize services such as police and fire department funding. This would only happen if the city did not incur financial penalties from these previously signed contracts.

What should be happening?

How are we going to make that happen?

Considering the economic challenges our city is facing, not just over these upcoming months but in years ahead, the new council will need strong guidance and leadership in making tough decisions; some of which may not be popular with some people in our city. There needs to be [a measure of] financial damage limitation in our city’s development programs. The concept of suspending one or two legacy projects is what I would be consider, but only after receiving a fully backed briefing from city administration on exactly where we are in the development process of each project.

I am not prepared to put further financial strain on the people of our city for legacy projects. If contractors request further funding due to operation budget overruns, I will be advising the council that the cash register of our city is closed. The contractors should build with the funds they have been allocated according to their contracts with the city.

The Deerfoot Trail expansion is the only new major infrastructure project I would foresee the new council accomplishing during its 4-year term. A city-wide survey has already been developed and it is, I believe, about to be submitted to council for debate this year. The majority of funding for this project will come from the provincial government. So I’m informed.