Dean's Platform

Calgary Fiscal Financial Focus

What is happening?

The primary function of any governing body is the protection of life and property. For far too long our past municipal governments have focused on building a nice bright new modern city. This however comes at the cost of safety and welfare to the people who live in our neighborhoods and communities. Past city councils have trimmed budgets to vital services year after year to support these upgrades.

Calgary’s fiscal waste has been ridiculed throughout the country, with The Canadian Taxpayers Federation highlighting this issue in its annual Teddy Waste Awards. Calgary has been “awarded” this prize for wasteful spending on the municipal government level. This is not an award to be proud of.  With conscientious budgeting and a promise of fiscal responsibility, Calgary will not come close to “winning” that award under my watch.

I will tell you that we are coming up to a period of total damage limitation brought on by past councils actions. Once we have passed through that phase we then move to a financial consolidation period. If these two periods combined take 4 years to achieve then that is the way it needs to be.  After my term of public service is complete, I will at least know that I have been instrumental in bringing our city back on solid ground in hope that future governance will continue that work.

What should be happening?

How are we going to make that happen?

During the financial consolidation period, I would propose a motion to replace the current budgeting process with one that gives the council more flexibility during the financial year, enabling capital funds to be moved around from one department to another if needed. The system is called the “On-Demand Budgeting System”. There would be a lengthy transition period that would involve extensive management retraining, I would aim to have this in place by November 2023.