Dean's Platform

Calgary COVID-19 Recovery


What is happening?

Over this past year, our city has seen layer upon layer of restrictions placed upon it by all three governing bodies. Governance has taken the approach of consulting with medical advisory establishments on the best practices to protect our population during this COVID pandemic.

They did not take the approach of looking at policies or procedures for protecting our most vulnerable citizens first, while still keeping our economy running. That was their leadership decision.

Last year the present leadership declared a city-wide state of emergency; compulsory masking bylaws were implemented and this year it was extended until December 2021. Further restrictions from federal and provincial governments were put in place to the point where there seems to be no definite endgame unfolding.

The fact is, Calgary is facing large economic challenges which are unprecedented in our cities history. Between now and the 18th of October (Election Day) hopefully, things will improve with the rollout of the new vaccine inoculation programs and we could see some normality returning.

Being a military man my question is, “WHAT IS PLAN B?” What if we do not reopen our economy? What if there is a 3rd COVID wave? What if we cannot pull ourselves out of the recession, or the economic crisis we are facing? At all levels of government, there doesn’t seem to be a plan B in place; from what I can tell. City Council needs a strategic plan in place should things move in a downward direction. They need to develop a definitive plan, mission statements need to come from our present leadership representative of the city with defined objectives; with timelines. Standard operational procedures need to be developed and distributed; this should be happening now—if a plan B is to be implemented in a timely fashion.

What should be happening?

How are we going to make that happen?

If Calgary’s situation does not improve by October 18th, 2021—or at any time in our cities future—having a plan B prepared will protect our vulnerable citizens and still keep our economy moving and open for business. It’s a vital weapon to have in any leadership’s arsenal of emergency response packages.

Should you elect me as your next Mayor, upon election to public office, I will immediately initiate the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) to develop a Plan B for our city with a clear and definitive aim. This will be submitted to our new council for approval and it will lay out every detail, task, mission, and objective to be achieved in order to reopen everything in our city once more.

If Plan B is to be activated, the decision would be brought to the City Council for approval. Upon obtaining a majority vote in council to implement plan B, I will then personally travel to Edmonton and deliver our cities recommendations to our Premier. Then upon government approval of our re-start plan, Calgary would move forward within a few weeks. Once citywide preparations are in place the plan will be initiated and phased in. What is my Plan B you may ask yourself? I have my own views and ideas on the content and method of execution. However, we have CEMA and it will be that committee developing the content of any reopening strategic operation within our city.

Taking everything into consideration I am fairly confident CEMA has already developed, or is developing, a strategy that will be available should it be required. If, by chance, nothing has been formulated due to the lack of guidance or leadership from our present council, I would advise the council and our emergency management team to develop Plan B no more that 6 months from from that time. Should I be elected into public office as your Mayor I would expect the head of CEMA to walk into my office that Monday morning and drop Plan B on my desk. If this did not happen, then let’s just say I would not be best pleased.

To give you an idea of one such protocol that needs to be reviewed city-wide, and possibly implemented into Plan B, check the link to a document that I submitted to our present municipal council in February 2021. Of which I have received no response. You may find it an interesting read.