Dean's Platform

Calgary Children Play For Free

I have been actively involved in many sports as a school boy and also during my adult life. I fully understand how vital sports are to the mental and physical development of our children. Children who are able to participate in sports keep healthy, learn about team work, discipline, motivation, failure and success.

Children Play for Free

What is happening?

When I came to Canada over a decade ago I was shocked to find out that children in public schools have to “PAY to PLAY” and that schools expect parents to pay for a child to play sports. If you are a low income family then there is a good chance that your children will not be able to participate in a sport. I was from a low income family and fortunately in the UK we did not have to pay to play, all school sports were free and sports had a massive impact on my life. Parents work very hard to provide a good life for their children and you hope to give your children the opportunities, that in some cases you never had. Paying to play is wrong and I have never agreed with this program. Something needs to happen to relieve the financial stress placed on parents. It is my opinion the this new council needs to give parents in our city a financial life line.
Children should be able to go to school and actively take part in sports they like. Building a child’s confidence is essential to their mental health and being part of a team has value in developing a variety of skills. Parents should not have the additional burden of finding an extra $200+ per child each year so they can participate in a school sport. Our cities leaders should have looked at this issue many years ago, but unfortunately they have failed to address this situation.

What should be happening?

How are we going to make that happen?

Public Schools

Should you elect me into public office as your Mayor I will be proposing to the new council that 1% of our cities annual budget go into a new Calgary physical education sports initiative. The basics of this initiative are that all public schools within city limits allow each child the opportunity to register for one sport for free each year. Children can obviously register for additional sports at their parents own expense, however those families who fall in the low income bracket will not have the financial burden or stress of paying for their children to participate in a school sport. At the beginning of the school year once children are registered for their sport of choice, schools would submit their application for grants to the city and would receive funding for their students physical sports educational needs as required.