A Few Words About

Dean Hopkins

A man of his word

Dean Hopkins

Dean Hopkins was not born into a family of privilege but is a descendant of many working-class ancestors. Dean’s father was a coal miner and his mother a seamstress. Both worked hard to feed their children and to put a roof over their heads. Growing up and living in low-income housing gave Dean the grounding that would launch him on many adventures. Dean’s education was a tough one where he faced bullies on a daily basis over many years. This was a time when only children from wealthy families could expect to go to university or the academically astute went on to college. Kids like Dean were expected by society to follow in their father’s footsteps; that being a career in the coal mining industry. However, at only 15 years old, Dean had other plans.

As a small boy Dean’s father would say “Dean if you ever want to change your life all you need to do is be prepared to take that first step”.

Even before leaving school Dean took it upon himself to take that first step and he travelled to the big city away from his small town and signed himself into a junior leadership military academy for boys, with the support of his parents.

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Dean Hopkins

Little did Dean realize at the time, but that first step would lead him on many military campaigns and to numerous war-torn countries throughout the world. He was involved in peacekeeping, counter-terrorism, emergency support of his government, and combat deployments that spanned three decades. Rising through the ranks of military service he advanced from private soldier to the commissioned officer rank of captain. He acquired his education from some of the best military academies made available to him, including the British Sandhurst Academy for Military Officers. If asked about his formal qualifications and certification, he will always tell you that he wears his qualifications on his chest, on his sleeve and in his heart.

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Dean gained life experiences during extremely difficult and complicated encounters where wrong decisions could have resulted in tragic outcomes.

The ability to bring forth calmness in the midst of chaos in extremely stressful and dangerous situations was one of the reasons Dean was placed in a position of leadership. During one such situation, Dean was awarded a General Commanding Land Forces Bosnia Commendation for bravery.

During deployment and witnessing the horrendous acts that humanity was capable of inflicting, Dean promised himself two things:-

The first promise Dean made to himself was that once he retired from military service he would find a peaceful country where he could find a city with good, kind citizens. He wanted a place that had good governance and where he could obtain a 9 to 5 job with zero stress and also volunteer to help people struggling with life challenging situations and to hopefully find a woman to love.

Dean did retire from the military and he found that country. He settled in Canada and the city he chose to call his home is here in Calgary. He also found that 9 to 5 job in the facilities maintenance sector and has worked in Calgary for over a decade. Dean has also been and still is, volunteering with numerous organizations in Calgary helping citizens in many ways. And yes; he was also very fortunate to find that woman to love, you could say he has been living his dream for many years.

The many hundreds of people who know Dean or have worked with him during his various career roles over the years will tell you that “if he makes a promise he keeps it; and if he ever says he is going to do something, he will do it”.

After being witness to the suffering of men, women, and children, seeing their despair, misery, and helplessness as refugees Dean gained a tremendous amount of compassion and empathy. If asked he would tell you that he is a humanitarian at heart who believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to live a good life within the boundaries of the countries laws and charter of rights.

The second promise, that Dean made to himself those many years ago, has recently been re-awakened. His second promise was, if he ever witnessed people in leadership starting to jeopardize the way of life for his friends, neighbours, and fellow citizens living in his city, he would again take ‘that first step’ to do something about it.

Dean will tell you that he is more than prepared to step into the political lion’s den of our city for you! Our question to you is this; “Are you prepared to follow him in?”. Dean is by no means a wealthy man and definitely needs your volunteerism, support, and funding to be able to get his name out to 1.6 million citizens. Dean is no partisan nor a political party puppet; what he is about to do it [is] for the good of his friends, neighbours, and for all people who call Calgary home.

Good People Doing Good Things

Volunteerism and Community Involvement

Dean has always been dedicated to philanthropy and volunteerism, specifically in his home here in Calgary, Canada. His efforts have always been hands-on, assisting and organizing in any way possible, and is always the driving force behind any mission. His volunteerism includes, but is not limited to:

Made by Momma
Dean has volunteered over the past years to assist his wife Kim in the charitable association ‘Made by Momma’. They deliver meals, beds, and baby items to single moms throughout our city

Veterans Food Bank
Dean has been a big supporter of The Calgary Food Bank and has supported their efforts including various construction projects.

Men’s Rugby
Dean has been a volunteer coach for many rugby programs throughout our city, giving his time, and experience to players both young and old. As a player, coach, and referee he retired from the game after being a player for 50 years. This sport has been and still is one of his true passions.

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Dean has volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters Calgary over the years as a mentor for teenage boys. Offering them guidance, advice and giving them a focus in life. Having the opportunity to draw upon such an abundance of life and leadership experience has been his main strength when working for the program.

Hoggin Alberta
‘Logistics’ and ‘Mission Accomplishment’ are where Dean excels. With his calming demeanour, Dean can achieve most things. He and a team of volunteers spent many months building a log cabin for The Hoggin Alberta Veterans Ranch. This ranch is a rehabilitation sanctuary for our veterans. Dean is highly invested in the welfare of all of our veterans.

Crescent Heights Women’s Rugby High-School Team
Dean volunteered his coaching abilities as head coach for the Crescent Heights Women’s high school rugby program for three years and took it from its conception to where it stands today. Blood Donation
Throughout Dean’s lifetime, he has personally known the importance of being a blood donor and has contributed his blood in many countries. For over a decade now, Dean has donated his blood regularly each year to assist citizens who need this life-saving gift.

The Backstreet Kids
Over the past few years, Dean has also developed a community project program for teenagers called ‘The Backstreet Kids’. It offers volunteering opportunities within his community and allows them to take part in ‘consideration projects’ for citizens struggling with the challenges of everyday life.

One Direction Calgary
Dean is the driving force behind the non-profit charitable association One Direction Calgary. Because the city stopped our children from visiting Santa this past Christmas season, he decided to bring Santa to the children. As a Santa, he travelled throughout 120 communities over the 18 days prior to Christmas.

The Magic of Christmas
Dean has volunteered relentlessly each year for this wonderful festive season Non-profit charity from 2009 to 2019. Even holding the position of Vice President for a period of time. Only taking a break in 2020 due to COVID restrictions. He then volunteered with the nonprofit charitable association “One Direction Calgary” to take Santa and the spirit of the festive season to the children of our city and over 120 communities in 18 days. He was the man who saved Christmas for many families in our city during the festive season of 2020